SIITME 2019 – BEIA Consult

BEIA Consult participates in the 2019 IEEE 25th International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging (SIITME) on 23-26 October in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Our company participates in this event with the poster “IoT Solution for Plant Monitoring in Smart Agriculture “.

The safety, efficiency and degree of automation of electro mobility depending on the functions and reliability of future electronic modules for autonomous and electrical driving. The application of these modules ranges from sensors for the perception of the vehicle environment as well as condition monitoring, the communication electronics inside and outside the vehicle, infotainment and navigation systems to power electronics and energy storage for electric propulsion, vehicle air conditioning and vehicle lighting. The future of these modules is characterized by demands for higher functionality with simultaneous further miniaturization, real-time signal processing, sensor fusion using AI, high reliability and robustness as well as modern and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

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