SA-TERRA: Beia’s new project, telemetry, and precision agriculture

System for Automation and Telemetry using Energy Efficient Resource Management in Precision Agriculture

The main objective of the project consists in developing an integrated automation and telemetry solution for resource management in precision agriculture by improving the existing monitoring and telemetry solution available within the company while considering criteria related to energy efficiency and economics, along with the latest technologies available on the market. The improvement and extension of the company’s existing telemetry system through modern cloud computing frameworks (SaaS,PaaS) available at the economic agent with the university know-how in control of industrial and energy processes, leveraging as support dedicated research infrastructure which includes modeling and simulation software: MATLAB, LabVIEW and hardware: programmable logic controller and human machine interface devices. The knowledge and innovation transfer to the economic agent is defined by the development of the concept and the implementation of the complex monitoring and control system:hardware-software project, SCADA applications for resource management, increased autonomy by power supply from photovoltaic panels on the field equipment. The necessity for the development of the automation and telemetry system for irrigations is based on the market interest of complete integrated monitoring and automation for crops, which are efficient from an energy and economic perspective. The benefits of the system architecture: low energy consumption, low administration costs, scalability, forecasting functionality, diagnosis, potential for extension will provide important technical impact and increased potential for market uptake. The cooperation between the company and the university will contribute towards the development of the entrepreneurship skills of researchers, master and Ph.D. students by development and testing activities of energy efficient industrial systems, as well as organizing of joint workshops for adapting the go-to-market tools and methodologies to the university profile.

Presentation of SA-TERRA Project

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