PROJECT TITLE – Reuse Reduce Recycle AI-based platform for automated and scalable Maker culture in Circular economy


Project partners:

Italy – Ekrome, EnginLife–EngineeringSolutions,

Spain – Item Media, Circular EconomyInnovation

Romania – BEIA Consult Romania

Switzerland – Missing Tech

Malta – TR AssociatesLtd

Coordinator: University of Granada (UGR)

The extensive objective of this RISE programme, called RRREMAKER, is to develop an artificial intelligence(AI)based maker platform for thedesign and production of hand crafted, rapid prototyped and reconditioned products,based on the availability of used goods and recyclable waste collected, getting inputs from, and connecting together,digital manufacturers and traditional crafts,designers/creative companies and green companies, establishing a new hybrid managing modelbased on the communities of knowledge, ecodesign and democratization invention, integrating orange, sharing and circular economy.

The ultimate goal is to apply AI and machine learning to improve the principles and action in circular economy withinthedesign,craft, rapid prototyping and smartmanufacturingsectorswith an overall significant economic benefit forEuropean society by promoting the protection and development of the natural environment, also favouring the “3R–Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” principle


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