Project financed by UEFISCDI  – Innovation Program – European Cooperation Eureka – Eurostars Subprogram

Full Title: Network Management System Development and Monitoring
Project Number / Contract: E!7223 – 319E / 31.08.2012PDP
S/T Area: ICT2.7.1 / Systems software
Purpose: Innovation
Project objectives: The goal of this project is to create a new and easier way to monitor networks, with a specific focus on DSL, for the benefit of telecommunication operators. Information Systems are a key instrument to manage the usage and the maintenance of networks. But so far, existing Information Systems have weaknesses, and this project offers to fix them.This project will provide telecommunication operators with tools to qualify the quality of a network, database Infocenter and platform with a web access to manage this network. The platform will offer several services to operators: data acquisition, asset management, work force management, provisioning, and infrastructure work management.
Project value: Total value: 1.160.884 RON
Grant value: 576.924 RON
Own sources: 583.960 RON
Project main stages and results:  Phase 1. Conceptual development of the system – completed 30.11.2012
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
1.1. Market study – applications and products for network monitoring
1.2. Collection and study of user requirements
1.3. Study of software and hardware development requirements
1.4. Analysis of collected data and elaboration of development documentation 

Phase 2. Software development of the network platform – completed 31.05.2013
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
2.1. Architecture, interface and database design
2.2. Development of network monitoring modules
2.3. Integrated platform development and documentation
2.4. Functional testing and correcting according to user feedback


Phase 3. Development of network sensors – completed 30.11.2013
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
3.1. General specification of the sensor
3.2. Detailed elaboration of the technical specification to achieve
3.3. Development and experimentation of network sensors


Phase 4. Integration and testing of prototype – completed 30.09.2014
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
4.1. Development of hardware and software solution for integration
4.2. Achievement of experimental model for  sensor integration in network platform
4.3. Integration and experimentation of the prototype
4.4. Filing of patent application at OSIM for IPR protection of the prototype

Events: WP1 meetings (Netherlands)
WP2 meetings (Austria, Turkey)
WP3 meetings (Lithuania)
WP4 meetings (Austria, Spain, Germany, Netherlands) 


NMSDMON – Final Report (Summary)

Project Manager: Romania
Romanian Project Responsible: Victor Suciu / BEIA Consult International (http://www.beia.ro)
Consortium: The NMSDMON project will be conducted by a team of two European organizations and brings together 2 countries: Turkey and Romania 

Romanian Partner: BEIA Consult International

Duration: 2012 – 2014
Project Financing: Program 5 Innovation
Contact: Victor Suciu, Str. Poiana Narciselor Nr. 12, tel. +40-21-3323006, fax. +40-21-3323005