BLUE-GREENWAY: Innovative solutions for improving the environmental status of eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems

Lead project partner: University of Patras Special Account for Research Grants(GR)
Project Number: RF-COOPERATION-0011
Status: In implementation
Initial project cost: €1,454,000


The project addresses the intertwined common challenges of the sea-land chain by treating the pollution problems of eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems (sea) that result from land-based and other pollution sources and by focusing on green procurement of products and services in wastewater management (land). Our main objective is to address these challenges via a dual approach.

First, with short-term restoration measures in the sea part of the chain: in addressing pollution, freshwater and wastewater management problems, we focus on monitoring systems and restoration methods in the pilot areas. Knowledge-sharing on use of geoengineering materials will result in remediation of ecosystems and achievement of “BLUE” waters. Second, land measures focus on identifying green products and services in wastewater management. This will result in identifying the green means of fostering demand-driven transnational eco-innovation via new processes, moving away from negative local practices, to achieve the “GREENWAY”. The project will change the current situation by taking up the green/blue method in coastal ecosystem restoration and in wastewater management, and transferring these principles across regions/nations.

Solutions will be proposed by establishing blue and green criteria, in cohesion with EU criteria/ labelling, e.g. oxygen level in water, trophic state of coastal ecosystems, fish food in hatchery, fertilizers in agriculture, from which whole EU stands to benefit. Success will be measured via indicators, e.g. anoxic depth, nutrients concentration, oxygen level, no. forecasts, no. warnings, no. actors using platform, and by multi-criteria evaluation.

Sustainability and transferability of project achievements is based on interaction between the project and its target groups through its platform and pilots. The pilots will show the methodology to be used in order to reduce pollutants and improve water quality.


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