The ECYBRIDGE project aims to reinforce the coordination and synergy between the civilian and defence sectors within the realm of cybersecurity. Recognising the intertwined nature of these sectors in today’s digital landscape, this project seeks to enhance exchange and coordination between the cybersecurity civilian and defence spheres and cultivate a cohesive strategy, increasing Europe’s resilience against emerging cyber threats. In today’s cybersecurity environment, siloed security approaches fall short, as most threats are interconnected, the boundaries between the civilian and defence sectors being frequently blurred. For increased cybersecurity efficiency, we aim to adopt a converged approach between the most relevant stakeholders to build a synergic mechanism that starts with mutual knowledge. This project contributes to the achievement of the Digital Europe Programme’s general objective: “to support the digital transformation of the European economy and society and bring its benefits to European citizens and businesses.” (Regulation (EU) 2021/694). Understanding that cybersecurity is at the heart of a safe digital transformation of the European Union, ECYBRIDGE is positioned to align with existing E.U. cybersecurity, defence and research frameworks and the themes and priorities in the digital realm of the European Defence Agency as mentioned in the Capability Development Plan (CDP), the Overarching Strategic Research Agenda (OSRA) and the Key Strategic Activities (KSA), the European Defence Fund (EDF) Work Programme, Horizon Europe Strategic Plan 2012-2024, and Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL). Serving as a conduit for ideation and exploration, it also offers a collaborative platform, paving the way for advanced cybersecurity solutions in the E.U.

ECYBRIDGE was conceived within a context in which the digital realm is an inextricable part of our modern lives, weaving through every layer of society, from individual interactions to national infrastructures. However, with the digital age’s rise, cybersecurity threats have grown in scale, complexity, and impact. No longer confined to isolated incidents or one-off disruptions, these threats now have the potential to destabilise economies, compromise national and common European security and defence, and disrupt the everyday lives of millions of European citizens. Therefore, the ECYBRIDGE project is primarily designed to bolster synergy between the civilian and defence sectors within the realm of cybersecurity.