Beia Consult announces the new innovative project KidsPro

Children are increasingly exposed to inappropriate content and messages, personal threats, bullying, meeting online contacts offline and neither the parents nor other parties have tools to effectively drive and guide internet usage of children and to prevent problems caused by the harmful material and people.inernet The boundaries between the virtual world and the physical world are increasingly blurred. In children’s lives, these worlds are not independent; they are connected and mutually reinforcing. Similarly, the channels of risks and threats are mixed and changing constantly. An incident on the internet may lead to the physical risk or the harmful material, the kids are sharing today, may impact later their possibility to get a job. On the other hand, the internet can be used to increase physical security and safety e.g. through location services.
The vision of the KidsPro project is the significantly safer everyday life for the children on the internet and with help of the internet in any place, anytime and with any device.
The main focus of the KidsPro project is to create an open ecosystem and novel solutions with a holistic and integrated set of robust tools and services to support the KidsPro vision. The solutions include elements such as software, services, technical enablers, educational material and infrastructure that enable fast reaction against known and unknown future threats.
KidsPro creates solutions for content analysis and tagging, family protection, safe internet experience, and social media and gamification protection for the multi-device and multiplatform environment. In addition, the project aims to evaluate and build novel business ecosystems and models in order to ensure the business impact of the project within industrial organizations and at European level.

Project website.