“Increased security in the supply of sustainable energy sources through a DC distribution system” – SEDCC
Project financed from „PNCDI-2”
Contract: 22-133
Coordinator: Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti
Duration: 2008 – 2011


“Increased security in the supply of sustainable energy sources through a DC distribution system” – SEDCC project, propose to implement and achieve an intelligent electricity networks in the presence of sustainable energy sources (photovoltaics, fuel cells, energy storage systems), interconnected electricity grid voltage alternative.
The devices are chosen so as to meet the needs and requirements by the best operation, of the whole system and that, firstly, to ensure a high level of power quality. In order to define the technical specifications necessary for practical realization of the entire system, each component will be considered and will be provide a detailed description. Interconnection of small power generators at constant voltage system will be through power electronics-based devices (devices chopper or chopper devices with bidirectional power flow).
A special attention will be given to the interface between the converter voltage distribution system continues alternating voltage network (bidirectional power flow, short circuit operation in case of alternative network and system voltage dc operation in the island system DC distribution). Energy management of the distribution network requires the adoption of an innovative control logic, to obtain optimal performance of the system.
The optimal configuration will be based on the results, and the necessary equipment will be purchased for practical implementation of DC distribution system.



The system proposes solving the following problems:

  1. scientific
    • mathematical modeling of manufacturing processes, conversion and storage of energy (photovoltaics, fuel cells, batteries);
    • mathematical modeling of power electronics-based devices (CC / CC convertors, CC / CA convertors);
    • development of complex control logic, optimized for efficient operation of the distribution system in DC.
  2. technical
    • using an specialized software package designed graphical visualization results of mathematical models, execution timing thereof;
    • the models presented above of assembling and integration, in order to simulate the operating conditions of the DC distribution system;
    • technical evaluation and validation of system operation conducted;
    • monitoring of this system in terms of continuous and faulty;
    • exploitation of results;
    • scientific dissemination of new knowledge acquired on DC distribution systems and identify opportunities for implementation of the project results in exploitation by potential users;
    • management and coordination.



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