The FLEXI-cross project aims to increased security and reliability of EU border checks for people and goods, while enhancing and improving the border management capabilities, through the development, deployment and validation of a toolkit of innovative border-checking solutions, in real operational environments, addressing road, rail and port borders. The resulting flexibility and dynamicity of border check planning will offer novel capabilities such as dynamic deployment of check-points and support via mobile applications for border personnel, while guaranteeing high level of security, privacy of personal data and protection of people’s fundamental rights.

Through the FLEXI-cross solutions the following functionalities will be delivered: i) anti-trafficking and anti-smuggling protection via predictive risk assessment of vehicle and people, ii) enhanced border security through portable biometric based checks, iii) secure person verification through real time multi-source cross-referencing, iv) flexible, fast and costeffective deployment of ad-hoc Border Check Points (BCP), v) secure, private and traceable sensitive / personal data exchange based on blockchain technology and vi) increased safety and improved experience for border-personnel based on advanced Human Machine Interfaces and enhanced situational awareness via Augmented Reality (AR). To achieve these ambitious goals, the FLEXI-cross project engages key European border authorities and end-users (police, port/rail operators, etc.) and brings them together with leading SW and technology developers, research organizations and innovative SMEs, to co-design the requirements and the solutions and to validate the project outcomes. This collaboration will drive the deployment of three state-of-the-art border-checking trial facilities, to enable real life trials in diverse operational environments, namely, vehicle-based road border crossing, rail-based border-crossing and port embarkation/disembarkation.


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