Project financed by UEFISCDI  – Innovation Program – European Cooperation Eureka – Eurostars Subprogram

Full Title: Friendly Application for Interactive Receiver
Project Number / Contract: E!6774 – 318E / 31.08.2012PDP
S/T Area: ICT7.4 / Consumer Products
Purpose: Innovation
Project objectives: FAIR will be the first tool to provide the mobile consumer with consumer reviews, brand ratings and detailed product information. It will provide tools that make it possible for the brands to connect directly to its customer at the point of sale, and in real time while the customer is shopping.The FAIR project encompasses customer satisfaction ratings, brand ratings, social networking, user-friendly and convenience services such as locating doctors and emergency services, connecting brands with their customers, exchanging and sharing relevant information, social mobile consumer networking, e-commerce in the street, mobile couponing, mobile promotions, communities, customer empowerment based on user-driven content.
Project value: Total value: 1.226.439 RON
Grant value: 609.704 RON
Own sources: 616.735 RON
Project main phases and results Phase 1. Specifications of the system – completed 15.12.2012
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
1.1. Study of user requirements
1.2. Study of connecting interfaces with online content providers
1.3. Market study – mobile marketing
1.4. Data collections and analysisPhase 2.  Product development – completed 15.06.2013
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
2.1. Optimizing content models for measuring consumer satisfaction
2.2. Design of connecting interfaces to content providers
2.3. Design of search engine for integrating in online communities
2.4. Customizing user interfacesPhase 3. Models and content analysis – completed 15.12.2013
Results (report submitted to UEFISCDI):
3.1. Indexing and system automation for the existing content
3.2. Analysis of the content generated by users and communities
3.3. Improvement of the user generated contentPhase 4. User interface – in progress 15.06.2014

Phase 5.  Integration, testing, prototype – to be completed 15.10.2014
Events: WP1 meetings (France)
WP2 meetings (France, Germany, Italy)
WP3 meetings (Germania, Luxemburg, Suedia)Figures
Project Manager: FranceRomanian Project Responsible: George Suciu / BEIA Consult International (http://www.beia.ro)
Consortium: The FAIR project will be conducted by a team of three European organizations and brings together 3 countries: Croatia, France and Romania.Romanian Partner: BEIA Consult International
Duration: 2012 – 2014
Project Financing: Program 5 Innovation
Contact: George Suciu, Str. Poiana Narciselor Nr. 12, tel. +40-21-3323006, fax. +40-21-3323005