BLOW = Black sea fLoating Offshore Wind

Let’s harness the floating offshore wind energy potential of the Black Sea, let the wind BLOW.Offshore wind is currently one of the most cost-efficient, clean and scalable power sources. As of today, offshore wind farms rest on bottom-fixedfoundations and are mainly deployed in shallow water areas with depths less than 50m. Floating offshore wind energy is expected to play a keyrole to materialise the vast potential of deep-sea areas.Project BLOW aims at unlocking the Black Sea fLoating Offshore Wind potential, by demonstrating a disruptive cost-efficient floating integrativeunit design optimised for low and medium wind speed areas.

BLOW will implement a 5 MW demonstrator in the Black Sea and will pave the way toindustrial mass production and to the deployment of floating offshore wind farms. In order to accelerate the energy transition in the region, theproject will couple synergies with the Oil & Gas sector and foster societal acceptance and cross-border policy development. BLOW targets anexpected LCOE of 87€/MWh by 2028 (and 50€/MWh beyond 2030) and an environmental impact reduced by 40%.


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