Smart Health Innovation & Future Technologies Hub


SHIFT-HUB aims to establish a pan-European Smart Health Innovation Hub bringing together a rich network of multidisciplinary stakeholders across the dimensions of the quadruple helix, with the mission to facilitate the development, ensure the promotion and foster the uptake of Smart Health technologies and services. SHIFT-HUB will develop and test with the community a complete service offer, integrating networking and matchmaking, identification of partners and support for procurement, guidance for access to funding, research infrastructures and scientific expertise. In complement to a complete service offer based on JRC’s guidelines for the establishment of DIH’s, SHIFT-HUB’s differentiating factors consist in: 1) an immersive approach to involve patients and citizens in the co-creation process based on the Living Lab methodology, coupled to an on-line gamification based e-learning journey allowing to raise awareness, increase literacy and foster the adoption of Smart Health solutions. 2) an approach based open innovation to foster a collaborative, demand-driven and SME-inclusive development and uptake of Smart Health solutions [in a ecosystem of multidisciplinary stakeholders]. 3) a technical platform pilot including a Health Data Hub, a Smart Health Apps Repository and an on-line Marketplace to support the experimental development based on a secure and interoperable access to data and showcase a portfolio of solutions developed by the community members. SHIFT-HUB will identify a pool of 100 high potential Smart Health apps, that will be assessed by at least 300 patients and citizens during 5 Living Lab events, 1500 users on-line and will be connected to at least 50 Healthcare organizations for further uptake.