Beia Consult International will organize the first Chef2plate workshop, the event will be  held in Bucharest on the  18th of November.

The purpose of the workshop is to discuss innovative solutions for a healthy life; a detailed agenda is available here.

Register here for the workshop.

The Chef2plate project will be directed toward the development of an e-research infrastructure aiming to fulfil the consumer demands in connection with the existing needs of food manufacturers, policymakers, public health nutritionists and other stakeholders to create and co-create, evaluate and implement effective food and health strategies to prevent and reduce emerging boost of non-communicable diseases (cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) driven mostly by the globalization of unhealthy lifestyles occurring across most European countries with low- and middle-income.


This project aims to develop a consumer data platform on Healthy Eating Behaviour and Lifestyle that enables the research community of Central and Eastern Europe to collect and share innovative studies on everyday food choices, behaviors and possible solutions to emerging nutritional problems on a common data platform. Bringing together science, business and technology, the Chef2plate project will apply “big data” concept to connect and share information on daily consumer search (e.g. gadgets, apps, etc.), as well as by business stakeholders (retail and manufacturers) and research (e.g. surveys, medical data, nutritional information,etc.).