Innovation in Cloud Customer Communication Management: bringing CCM services to mass market, through new self-service, cloud-based, and community enabled digital technologies.

Customer Communication Management (CCM) is a set of convergent IT solutions (infrastructures, software, applications, delivery channels, documents etc.) which allows enterprises to extract data from databases, compose documents and deliver personalized communications to customers, through mail and email. So far, CCM solutions have been a privilege for large companies for their complexity (specific data processing technologies needing dedicated tech-savvy people), for the IT infrastructure investments and for the typical on-demand spikes. SMEs, professionals and small public organizations are excluded from current CCM solutions. 3CM aims at overcoming such limitations, through an innovative, foundational and disruptive approach, proposing a new model for delivering CCM solutions to the mass-market. Through the application of cloud platform, simplified technology and interface, 3CM will widespread CCM solutions among SMEs, small public organizations and professionals, thus becoming the new standard to communicate with clients and other stakeholders by all profit and not-for-profit organizations of any dimension, and boosting their competitiveness.

3CM objectives are:
a) Reengineering of a cloud-based CCM to on-demand PaaS and SaaS infrastructures.
b) Validate in real world conditions the new cloud platform for CCM with intuitive interfaces, reduced workflow and new
simplified functionalities that makes it suitable for unsophisticated customers.
c) Increase the dependability, security and privacy of CCM in Multi-Cloud scenario.
d) Introduce new distribution channels and integration with third parties.
e) Create a marketplace (or social ecosystem) for CCM solution providers, through the creation of a Community Portal, to
exchange knowledge and solutions.
f) Integration with the advanced security, diagnostic and analytic tools available in FIWARE.
g) Communicate and disseminate the new technology.
h) Exploit the new 3CM service to the mass market.