The purpose of the activity is to maintain and elevate to the next level of the result from 1st Phase of the proposal in 2022 and at the same time, further utilisation of partners’ Teaching and Learning Factory units. ConFacts2 seeks the solution to the challenge of different operating systems’ data layout and lack of integration among levels of value chains which is an immense manufacturing problem and often causes considerable loss in effectiveness.

The main purpose is to simulate the connection of different value chain elements by the partners’ TLFs. By connecting these levels via different service interfaces and algorithms, the project aims to support companies to move towards digital transformation through harmonization of different levels’ production input and output data at the same time – regardless of the different IT features that machines from different manufacturers are endowed with.

Further purposes are:

  • to demonstrate the connection between different levels and locations of the manufacturing value chain
  • to elaborate methodology for efficient connection among multiple layers
  • to achieve production level-focused data harmonization
  • to develop dedicated architecture 1) for the same production level data harmonization 2) for the different value chain levels data harmonization
  • to ensure an open-source, cross-learning and information sharing environment
  • to encourage and educate regional SMEs by giving them overarching insight into the rationalization of machine data utilization beyond shop floor level

    Thus, ConFacts2 targets enhancing SMEs’ participation in EIT RIS countries; involving relevant stakeholders to reach a specific impact on the manufacturing value chain in Hungary, Portugal and the Czech Republic, Romanian as partner countries.

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