Natural Disaster Risk and Assessment Platform Project Description: Climate change has a significant impact on our biosphere, and it’s affecting people’s life, properties and health, hastening biodiversity loss through wildfires, flash floods and mega-drought events. NADIR aims to build a natural Hazard/Disaster Risk and Assessment Platform to provide advanced risk assessment products and critical intelligence … Read more


Past decade hailed the advance on P-management in academia, while the model, data and the methods still need to be standardized to track future changes in Ag. This will both reduce complexity to understand the flows of Ag and invite the sector to innovate to deal with the increasing complexity. It will bring transparency and … Read more


Agro Insurance Data Management Platform with API Services Agricultural insurance is a global, fast-growing billion-dollar industry and, due to the effects of climate change, it is becoming more important every day. Effective insurance policies stabilise farm income, reduce poverty and ensure a climate safety net for food producers. SmartAgroInsurance aims to develop a Smart Agriculture … Read more


A Hybrid Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle system opening new horizons in conducting military operations in the marine environment PASITHEA aims to develop a Hybrid Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle system that will operate in land, sea and air platforms and units. PASITHEA will develop Hybrid Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles (HAUV) combining Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Unmanned Underwater Vehicle technologies. … Read more


NetZeroCities supports Europe and in particular European cities to drastically cut down greenhouse gas emissions through climate action to achieve ‘climate neutrality’, one of the biggest challenges our societies face today. NetZeroCities is part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme in support of  European Union’s Green Deal. NetZeroCities has been designed to help cities overcome the current structural, institutional and … Read more


Training framework on Underwater Tecs as key enabler for blue careers development The status quo of blue economy skills’ provision worldwide reveals significant gaps with current and future needs towards a sustainable & carbon neutral economy that is tech-oriented. To this end, technologies used in underwater (UW) missions and activities (both commercial & scientific) are … Read more


We will work with the project end-users/stakeholders [farmers, environment protection and sustainable development experts, public agriculture authorities (local, national and also EU wide), veterinarians, cooperatives, livestock scientists (researchers) specialized distributors] to identify:


ONCODIR: Evidence-based Participatory Decision Making for Cancer Prevention through implementation research Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a common type of cancer, and its occurrence is increasing, especially in lower socioeconomic status populations due to unhealthy behaviors. Stemming from the specific risk factors identified with CRC, ONCODIR: Evidence-based Participatory Decision Making for Cancer Prevention through implementation research project integrates multidisciplinary research methods … Read more

Arrowhead fPVN

The Ambition for Arrowhead fPVN project is Doubling of the European industrial productivity by applying transformative, autonomous and evolvable information interoperability for resilient and adaptive production value networks. Hence, the Arrowhead flexible Production Value Network (fPVN) project will provide autonomous and evolvable interoperability of information through machine-interpretable content for fPVN stakeholders. The resulting technology is … Read more


Title: HIgh Performance, Safe, Secure, Open-Source Lever-aged RISC-V Domain-Specific Ecosystems Major Challenges or Focus Topic addressed by the proposal: KDT JU Call 2022-1 Topic 3: Focus topic on Design of Customisable and Domain Specific open-source RISC-V Processors (IA) Anticipated start date of project: 01-05-2023 Duration of the project in months: 36 Abstract The ISOLDE project … Read more