STAR for everyone in ESA frame program

E-STAR project aims to bring together research entities and SMEs from Romania to be able to know and to attend ESA scientific programs.  In the same time, the main aim of the project is to facilitate the access of ESA information towards research institutions and SMEs from Romania and, not least, to the European scientific community. As we go through the project’s stages, we work up the following milestones:

➢ Creating a framework for developing partnerships between research and industry in areas such as space, air, soil, subsoil, water

➢ The development of an IT platform for concurrent engineering that will ensure the data integration from ESA

➢ The promotion of applications based on satellite telecommunications and Earth observation (satellite data)

➢ Developing a database containing information pooled from different fields

Phase I Study on the existing state of design and concurrent engineering solutions and the integration needs of ESA’s consortium

Activity I.1 Study on the current state of information available in the field of design and concurrent engineering solutions

Phase II Elaboration of design concept and concurrent engineering

Activity II. 1 Study on current search engines for private databases and platforms / knowledge technologies

Activity II. 2 Analyze of technical requirements and architectural design for platform design

Activity II.3 Define and develop the technical requirements for the platform and related components

Phase III Developing and testing the design platform and concurrent engineering

Activity III.1 Hardware and platform architecture development for the platform

Activity III.2 Populate the database and configure it with scientific information

Activity III.3 Testing and experimenting with the concurrent engineering platform