Full Title: Partnership elaboration of an intelligent, interactive and transparent public management model of making local public administration in Romania more efficient (acronym MITEAPL)
Project Type: Complex Project.
S/T Area: Social – economic and humanistic research.
Purpose: Projection of a modern model of public management based on an intelligent solution which will integrate ITC elements in order to make administration more efficient and turn it into a flexible, interactive, viable and transparent structure capable of collaborating with public administration stakeholders for their informing and solving of complex problems related to provision of public services.
Project objectives: Ob.1. Enhancing the value of partners’ research potential of elaborating the general model of public management for local administration in Romania.Ob.2. Development of advanced interdisciplinary research capacity for descovering managerial, technical and procedural solutions for model experimenting. 

Ob.3. Increase of internal and international visibility of the consortium through large scale dissemination and other adequate means of the research results.



(i)                  1 public management model for local administration,

(ii)                1 technological platform for informatic public services interactive and interoperable at local level,

(iii)               1 VoIP communications systems, call centre systems,

(iv)              1 complex managerial simulation for 1 public service,

(v)                1 laboratory of complex managerial systems,

(vi)              20 studies and managerial, technical and financial-economic analyses,

(vii)             100 materials of documentation,

(viii)           4 articles registered in international databases,

(ix)              6 papers presented in international seminars,

(x)                1 complex scientific paper published within an acknowledged publishing house,

(xi)              1 work visit in a EU country for exchange of best practices,

(xii)             1 bilingual website of the project,

(xiii)           5 training sessions for employees in local administration.

Project Manager: Prof.univ.dr. Armenia Androniceanu androniceanu@miteapl.roManager of International Centre of Public Management
Consortium: Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest through International Centre of Public Management ( ; );
University ‚Alexandru Ioan Cuza’ from Iasi (
BEIA Consult International (
Outsource Management Group (
2 associate partners from local public administration
Duration: September 2007 – June 2010
Project Financing: Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, National Authority for Scientific Research, ( through The National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation II, “Partnership in the main domains” Program, Contract Authority “Centrul National pentru Management Programe” (The National Centre for Management Programs,