Artificial Intelligence optical character recognition for customs Clearance

AI4Clearance takes away the hassle of manually structuring content, making data acquisition more efficient, reliable, and accurate.

•through AI4Clearance, custom agents can easily sift through their database and retrieve specific information when needed.

•AI4Clearance processing eliminates the hassle of manual data entry, enhancing user experience.

•Due to the efficient and time-saving qualities of AI4Clearance, custom agents provide a more personalized and satisfactory customer experience.

•e-Translation is an online machine translation service provided by the European Commission (EC). Combining optical character recognition (OCR) and e-translation (APIs), promises great advantages for multi-language e-commerce customs clearance.

•AI4Clearance allows customs agents to convert files into a wide range of digital formats.

•AI4Clearance saves Custom Agents time and money, minimizing the need to hire data entry employees and reducing the time spent fixing errors caused by manual data entry.

•With automated workflows and automated processing, staff productivity is maximized as they no longer have to spend all their time manually entering data into the system.

•Custom Offices require online identity verification; OCR is a beneficial tool to utilize. It provides a secure method of enrolment for users in customs clearance and offers a smooth and seamless customer experience.

•Through AI4Clearance data capture, digital customs clearance can boost the efficiency of import-export processes and provide an effortless and unique experience.

•Through AI4Clearance, Customs can mobilize and store their data in the Cloud, making it easy to access and retrieve documents from any public administration. Customs Agents can also collaborate with the Customs Officers on a shared task easily from different locations.