Past decade hailed the advance on P-management in academia, while the model, data and the methods still need to be standardized to track future changes in Ag. This will both reduce complexity to understand the flows of Ag and invite the sector to innovate to deal with the increasing complexity. It will bring transparency and make outcomes of laws or new technologies visible. Benefits to society involve supporting the sustainability of our nutritional system, with a model easily expandable to cover the entire agri-food system. It is made transparent for stakeholders with consequences readily seen to make smarter, healthier, sustainable, and more personal choices, taking environmental impacts into account.

The project “AgAPP-e” is a first step towards that P-management system, where IT provides: Simplicity, Better accuracy, Speed of processing. The app computes a fast and accurate estimation of material flows by exploiting dormant information. Besides presenting a simplified overview with integrated system pictures, IT facilitates the evaluation of those material flows, through efficiency analyses / scenario analyses / resource use indicators or performance indicators, with OPS on those.