In the environment nowadays, many organisations are pressured to come across with innovative, technologically advanced products and services with low budgets. Thus, resources must be completely used and focused on the most noteworthy priorities at any given time. Unluckily, inefficient or below the standard resource management will absolutely lead to unfavourable results, such as poor productivity, delays, decreased quality, increased costs, etc. Resources like services, tools and appliances (STA) are not used to their maximum capacity and detract economic productivity, leading to slowly amortizing investments, high levels of waste and social disintegration of communities.

SO-SHARED (Blockchain-enabled sharing economy platform for communities) proposal presents a social sharing platform through which users share STAs to build communities and create value.
Online marketing refers to the utilization of the online communities power to develop trustworthy networks, connecting people with similar interests. Community building refers to several activities, techniques and marketing competences which generate value for a brand.