Smart Travel Digital Ecosystem

Project Status: set-up

Start Date: June 2021

End Date: July 2023

Budget (total): 4267.62 K€

Effort:  93.24PY

Project-ID: C2020/2-3


smarTravel is a digital ecosystem in the concept of smart cities. Artificial intelligence, continuous information extraction, behavioral categorization, new travel trends, seasonal choices, weather-sensitive choices, travel optimization are the main elements under this project idea.
smarTravel aims to assist and guide users’ journeys from beginning to end in respect of transportation, accommodation, and activity services.
smarTravel is also powered by artificial intelligence applications which analyze user profiles, travel preferences and pre-existing conditions to create useful journey recommendations. These recommendations help travel planning and make journey experience more comfortable and efficient regarding time, cost and user expectations. Future is shifting to virtual platforms and robotics; the future of service is not the hard part of robots, but the soft parts will dominate and increase the user satisfaction. Satisfaction of any traveller depends on the knowledge of her needs, routines, preferences. The success is related to how deep and well you know the person. This requires previous information, reservation details and more. The system will consider privacy, security as well.
The objective of smarTravel is to provide an interface between the visitor and the destination for a responsive orientation towards solving specific needs, preferences, and external information. Optimization of resources is integral to the functioning of systems in smart tourism destinations which connects such a concept to sustainability, privacy and security. Smart airports, smart transportation, smart museums, smart restaurants, and smart events may join the system as they construct their system with the required protocol.
smarTravel intends to develop a general data model for IoT devices in the smart tourism domain by using the IoT standards. With this standardization, interoperability between devices and the consumer services will be achieved.
Both web-based and mobile (Android and IOS compatible) applications will be developed. This application will start with checking Digital Identity which is a digital wallet that authenticates the user’s identity using the credentials. Digital identity app aims to enable the traveller to authorize entities in the traveller journey to access selected information about them to allow for risk-rating, verification, and access.


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