Beia presents a new project: Tel-MONAER (Mobile System for Tele-Monitoring Air Quality)

The goal of this project is to develop an IT system using the Internet of Things and Edge / Cloud Computing technologies to monitor and analyze in real time the risk factors for the environment and public health. Tel-MONAER will provide a mobile, extensible and scalable system capable of simultaneously monitoring parameters such as SO2, NOx, CO, O3, PM10, PM2.5, meteorological parameters (wind direction and speed, pressure, temperature, solar radiation, relative humidity, precipitation).

The main expected results are:

  • The development of a monitoring solution (including mobile equipment and Edge / Cloud software in Docker technology) of air quality, from varied sensors (simultaneous measurements of SO2, NOx, CO, O3, PM, meteorological parameters, etc.)
  • Developing a platform for the collection, storage and aggregate processing of air quality monitoring data in Edge / Cloud technology. The platform will offer extensibility by adopting an architecture based on micro-virtualization of collection and processing services. In addition, Big Data processing algorithms will be implemented to provide alerts for critical situations, statistics, and analyzes of changing weather conditions and air quality.
  • Development of a real-time viewing component in Web technology and on mobile platforms of sensor data collected and platform processing. All processing results will be available to users in a quick and user-friendly manner and the viewing component can be easily customized for each user.
  • Increasing the degree of insertion of research results from the academy into the industry through the development of analytical methodologies as well as test pilots in at least two beneficiaries with different requirements to test the operation of the solution in different relevant configurations.

Activity 1.1 – State Of The Art ( Ended – February 2018)

Activity 1.2 – Definition of use cases ( Ended – May 2018)

Activity 1.3 –Building the general system architecture (Ended – May 2018)

Activity 2.1 – Processing the data acquisition subsystem (Ended – November 2018)

Activity 2.2 – Designing the cloud platform for data analysis and the integrated viewing dashboard (Ended – November 2018)

Project website.