A group ofoptimum geographically spread partners from 4 top RO universities, one RD institute, and 5 SMEs joininto “Competence center on Lower Danube Basin-coastal Black Sea ecosystems protection andrestoration” to develop a complex SRA according to EU Mission 3 targets. The SRA philosophy isimplemented in the complementary activities of the 5 proposed specific projects, tackling state-of-the-art issues of environmental sciences, sustainable development of the Danube River and Black Sea basins, ecological restoration of degraded systems, industrial research and engineering for water treatment, nanotechnology for molecular biology and immunology. The existing top-tier monitoring, lab research infrastructure, and technical innovation facilities, and the previous experience of all partners in nationaland international R&D collaborations are prerequisites for the successful implementation of theproposed specific projects targeted on the environmental parameters monitoring, analysis, and complex modeling on the continuum tributary rivers-Danube–delta/lagoon/coastal area–Black Sea. Theeconomic and environmentally sustainable DSS for the protection and restoration activities within theLDB and the applicative technologies for residual marine macroalgae valorisation will foster community development and increase participatory governance, impacting local and regional communities to a blue-oriented socio-economic growth and better protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.