Full Title: Regional Economic Development by ICT / New Media Cluster
Project Type: Coordination and support action (Support)
S/T Area: ICT
Purpose: Bringing benefits of research to SMEs
Project objectives: Redict 2Map and exchange all critical issues in the field of ICT/New Media cluster – development in the regions involved, in order to compose the best strategy and action-plan to strengthen the economic competitiveness in the region, with a clear focus on role and potential of SMEs.
The project will assess several existing practices for innovation systems and regional knowledge flow to SMEs in the regions, will confront this with a framework of reference and will identify a practical, tailor-made strategy and action-plan (JAP) for RTD-related measures.
In the project clusters are defined in a broad sense:

  • ICT cluster – contains all organizations and enterprises related to hardware, software and services concerning telecommunications and computing sector,
  • The New Media cluster – contains the companies specialized in some of the following: animation, post-production, special effects, website development, graphic design services and CD/DVD production.

The Bucharest cluster will be considered as a mentoring region because the new legislative framework is being implemented, harmonized with the EU law framework (such as: e-signature law, e-commerce law, data protection law, law on scientific and technological parks, law on scientific research and technological development) to foster the fast developing software industry.

Project Manager: Mr. Edwin OSKAM City of Amsterdam, Department of Economic Affairs
Consortium: The proposal brings together 6 regions and clusters (18 partners): Amsterdam, Berlin, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Dublin and Paris.
Romanian Partners:
BEIA Consult International (
University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest ( (
Centrul National de Management Programe (
Duration: 2008 – 2009
Project Financing: FP7-REGIONS-2007-1