Intelligent PREdictive Maintenance for Aquaculture Systems (ERA-Net MarTERA)

Priority Area 5: Safety and security
ICT tools for monitoring and optimisation of maritime operations (e.g. routing following best weather conditions), Early warning and accident management systems, Decision support systems, Improved operations (e.g. automation of processes; dynamic positioning; docking and mooring; handling of goods; subsea intervention), Applications for increased fire safety (e.g. risk reduction of major accidents from offshore activities)
Supplementary keywords IOT, AI, DSS, Aquaculture, PredictiveMaintenance

Intelligent PREdictive Maintenance for Aquaculture Systems is a research project aiming to improve the performance of aquaculture farms by introducing a novel platform and service for Intelligent predictive maintenance. The platform is based on innovative monitoring systems and smart infrastructure, relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques. The platform measures key parameters in real time introducing innovative multisensor gauges which feed a chain of ML models for Time Series Forecasting (TSF), Anomaly Detection (AD), Fault Classification (FC) and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimation. The measurements give the current health status of the farm site while the forecasts provide a glimpse of future status; analysis of the predictions allow to identify the potential need of preventive/corrective maintenance. A cloud-based integration of the different components of the platform allows to improve connectivity and optimize the business process which lets the farmers benefit from a tailor made Software as a Service solution. The SaaS approach empowers the aquaculture farmers by providing a digital twin of their facilities ‘in their pocket’ and safety while optimized blockchain technology will be used to provide trust and traceability, such as securely managing the sensor data information as well as the identity of the stakeholders. Security and privacy compliance with GDPR will be ensured by implementing reliable, secure data transport and access. The new service gives farmers real time access to the current health status of the farm and facilitates them planning activities and measures based on the forecasted status in secure real time. In the end the iPREMAS pursues cutting M&O costs for the farmer and give additional tools for reducing negative effects to the environment in case of calamity.

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