PLENTY-LIFE presentation in an ARSC Webinar

BEIA accepted the invitation to be part of an Smart City Webinar organized by ARSC on 11 May 2023.

In this episode of the Smart City webinar, the PLENTY-LIFE project was discussed, which aims to create an innovative methodology for integrated spatial and energy planning to help cities achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The project aims to strengthen the capacities of local governments in the field integrated urban energy planning, to integrate the energy system with other development sectors and to institutionalize the cross-sectoral planning process.

Episode guests #147

  • Dr. Eng. George Suciu – CDI Director, Beia Consult International
  • Dr. Mihaela Bălănescu – Scientific Researcher degree II, Beia Consult International
  • Eng. Ștefan Ștefănescu – Project Manager, Beia Consult International
  • Georgiana Chirlea – Research and Dissemination Assistant, Beia Consult International

Our homeworks:

  • The importance of the transition to clean energy and carbon neutrality in cities
  • The innovative methodology of integrated spatial and energy planning based on the involvement of interested parties
  • Strengthening the capacity of local administration in the field of integrated urban energy planning
  • The cross-sectoral planning process and the integration of the energy system with other development sectors
  • Implementation and monitoring of clean energy strategies through pilots within the PLENTY-LIFE project.

See the webinar here.

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