BEIA participated in Innovation Labs Bucharest Hackathon on March 19 – March 20.

Welcome to the Innovation Labs Hackathon – an event for students, young professionals, and researchers who want to experiment, share, learn and test out their start-up idea! 

 You pitch your idea in  minute in front of the online public. 

 You inspire the audience, find team members and go on to build your prototype all night long – with mentorship and lots of coffee, from the comfort of your own home. 

In the end, you pitch your prototype, physically, in front of the jury, renowned IT professionals, business gurus, tech-angels – and keep your fingers crossed to be one of the selected teams to enter the mentorship program. 

 Win your place for a 5-month mentoring program (March – July) with dedicated mentorship, access to decision-makers in companies & specific domain knowledge, access to tech enablers, and dedicated support – all tailored to support you in moving from an idea to an actual business with real clients

Why join?

Join the hackathon for an awesome educational and fun experience – merging technology, business, and open discussions to help you discover the best approach for your project. The best teams will be invited to a 5-month mentorship program.

Have a great idea and looking to make it even better? 

Register for the hackathon – a whole day of discussions, presentations, and high-quality mentorship!

Don’t have an idea, but have an awesome team with your friends? 

Register for the hackathon – we will help you decide on an idea – or you can merge with other teams!


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