VITAL-5G will be presented in 5G NetApps for Transport & Logistic services event

Presenting the latest advancements in 5G-enabled NetApps and their vertical application for Transport and Logistics applications

About this event

The Transport and Logistics (T&L) vertical is a major component of modern production and distribution systems and a key contributor to macroeconomic development. T&L is expected to be one of the key adopters of 5G technology, due to its 100x faster data rates compared to 4G, ultra-low network latencies below 10ms, support for 1 million connections/ km2, and ultrareliable > 99.999% availability of the network. Compellingly, the 5G enterprise market for T&L is estimated to reach $2.9 trillion (€2.7 trillion) by 2026 and grow at a CAGR of 47.5%. 5G based Network Applications (NetApps) represent a key enabler to incentivise this growth in the T&L sector, because they can abstract the complexity of the underlying 5G infrastructure to T&L application developers, they significantly reduce the service creation and deployment times, and they optimise the utilisation of 5G resources thus leading to reduced service deployment costs.

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