Summer Internship 2020 – BEIA Consult

This summer BEIA Consult organizes a new edition of the 3-months internship. It’s all about new challenges, experiments and social gatherings apart from the workplace that provided the opportunity in bonding and sharing cultural exchange experience.

BEIA Internship RDI:

1. Cloud computing / Big Data

CaaS (Communication as a Service)

SBA (Search Based Applications)

Security, Privacy, Standardization, IPR

2. Telemonitoring systems M2M (Machine to Machine) / IoT (Internet of Things) applications

Remote Telemetry for renewable energy monitoring (focus on hydro-energy and hydrometrics)

Measurements methods of agricultural and forest risks (focus on viticulture and greenhouse)

Telediagnosis for e-health applications

SDN (Software Defined Networks) & SDR (Software Defined Radio) + optical communications

3. Call center applications development and integration with business applications ERP/CRM/DB/etc.

TTS (text-to-speech) and ASR (automatic speech recognition)