SoMeDi – Social media and digital interaction intelligence

SoMeDi’s goal is to unlock the value hidden in the digital content and traces of human (inter) actions through the application of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. To reach this goal, SoMeDi will:

  1. To develop novel methods and tools on top of general machine intelligence toolboxes, frameworks and services to efficiently analyse digital interaction data including social media. These include (1.1) methods to produce improved sentiment analysis and opinion mining to increase perception of the user’s attitude towards topics and concepts at aspect level, (1.2) methods that analyse user activities and online phenomenon, such as detect communities and spread of messages in social networks, and (1.3) methods for providing decision-support of the analysed data for different purposes of use.
  2. Connect the value minded though these methods with a company’s production and business processes, to improve offers and personalize service or content configurations.
  3. Explore how to use social media actively and efficiently growth hacking and marketing both in B2C and B2B markets, developing a methodology for effectively entering and acting in social media and use it for growth hacking, customer support, and marketing in connection with both business users and consumers.
  4. Produce a guidebook introducing a practical Digital Interaction and Social Media Intelligence methodology with techniques, illustrated by the project’s use cases.

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