Participation in TAFIE 2022 & ROMAT 2022

Today at University Politehnica of Bucharest – UPB – Inginerie Electrica – TAFIE 2022, tomorrow and Friday at UPB – Rectorat – ROMAT 2022 we present Beia Consult Intl.’s benefits for students, our internship programs and others.

Come and visit our booth and find out more about our company and our interesting projects from various domains.

Also it’s a great opportunity for us to disseminate a lot of our projects, like BLUE-GREENWAY, ADMA, DISAVIT, MUSEION, PIMEO-AI, SOLUTION4FARMING, S4AllCities, ADCATER, MULTI-AI, ADRIATIC, FARMSUSTAINABL, MIHA, HYDRO3D, RECICLARM, DEFRAUDIFY, IPREMAS, etc.

See our projects online: