News And Innovative Projects

Beia Consult International – Siemens Approved Partner & Dialogic Regional Distributor announces the news from February, together with his partners Adcon Telemetry, OTT Hydromet, Siemens Enterprise Communications – Unify, Gigaset, Snom VoIP, Aspect Software, Lancom Systemes, Dialogic, Invision WFM, Voxtron Communications, Innovaphone, Dassault Systemes Center and 3DS /Exalead.

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BEIA Consult participated at Open Data Hackathon, the event that bring together developers, activists, journalists, geographers, in idea to harness open data through the collaboration of several specialists. The company presented a few innovations from Accelerate and MobiWay projects.


The main goal of the Accelerate project is the development of several services based on a technological innovation and also on new software technologies that will enable massive adoption of acceleration know-how in the European technological industry.


The MobiWay project proposes the development of a collaborative platform designed to support ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) applications by acting as a middleware connection hub, offering an optimal support to different ITS partners and municipalities through and a data sharing and ITS support service integration platform.