BEIA Consult participated @ FABULOUS 2016, 24th–25th of October

The 2nd EAI International Conference on Future Access Enablers of Ubiquitous and Intelligent Infrastructures (FABULOUS 2016) gathered prominent researchers from academia and industry, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the broad areas of future wireless networks, ambient and assisted living and smart infrastructures in order to interact, exchange ideas, expertise, experience and know-how and discuss the latest results and achievements in the aforementioned topics of interest.

  • Some of the topics of interest included, but were not limited to, the following:
    5G access networks
    Cloud RANs
    Self-organizing networks
    Ad-hoc networking
    Dynamic spectrum access
    Internet of things
    Web of things
    Wireless sensor networks and practical applications
    Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications
    Device-to-device (D2D) communications
    Smart environments and examples (smart grids, eHealth solutions, assisted multi-modal learning etc.)
    Energy efficiency and green solutions
    Cloud computing
    Software-defined networking
    Big data
    Data mining

BEIA Consult brought its contributions with  the following papers:

Monitoring the Black Sea Region using Satellite Earth Observation and Ground Telemetry
Tele-Monitoring the Battery of an Electric Vehicle