CitiSim – IoT for tracking of people

The concept Internet of Things (IoT) references the digital interconnection of common objects with Internet. IoT provides great capacity to generate important amounts of data from the physical world, which once analysed by computer tools, can be used to improve decision making as well as the performance of daily activities, thus facilitating the lifestyle of people. There are IoT solutions for many areas, such as: industrial, domestics, transport sector, etc.

Here, a solution for tracking people in external enclosures is presented. It is based on the use of an application that allows to read and send GPS data coming from the available sensors in mobile devices (smartphones), alongside the implementation the Kalman Filter in order to filter and reduce, as far as possible, the lack of precision or errors that this type of measures entails. To make the connection between the mobile device and the filter, the IoT platform Sofia2 has been used, as well as for the storage and subsequent consumption of these.

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