Beia presents a new project: Tel-MONAER (Mobile System for Tele-Monitoring Air Quality) The goal of this project is to develop an IT system using the Internet of Things and Edge / Cloud Computing technologies to monitor and analyze in real time the risk factors for the environment and public health. Tel-MONAER will provide a mobile, extensible … Read more


Beia is happy to announce its new innovative project Tor-SIM: Integrated Software Platform for Mobile Malware Analysis. The main objective of the project is to develop a software platform that integrates, in a unitary manner, the malware analysis procedures for most of the existing mobile terminals, with the purpose of strengthening the security of mobile terminals … Read more


Beia’s new innovative project: Pass-IoT Pass-IoT: the projects main goal is to design and develop a test platform for integrating innovative security mechanisms and applications within the  IoT field. The platform will be scalable and modular, therefore allowing to refine and test different types of security algorithms and IoT applications.


SA-TERRA: Beia’s new project, telemetry, and precision agriculture System for Automation and Telemetry using Energy Efficient Resource Management in Precision Agriculture The main objective of the project consists in developing an integrated automation and telemetry solution for resource management in precision agriculture by improving the existing monitoring and telemetry solution available within the company while … Read more


Beia’s new innovative project: development of an intelligent system support to reduce the risk of congenital infections (TORCH-IT) T – toxoplasmosis O – Other infections,  Coxsackie virus, siphilis, varicella, HIV, parvovirus B19, and hepatitis B R – rubeola C – cytomegalovirus H – herpes simplex virus-2 After more than 40 years from TORCH acronym proposal, which gather more … Read more


Beia announces the new innovative project SICIAD The project aims at implementing an intelligent system based on a performant integrated wired and wireless communication architecture. The secure access will be implemented for clear categories of users, with multiple access levels, as well as for guest-type users, with prior identification and session logging. The system will … Read more


STAR for everyone in ESA frame program E-STAR project aims to bring together research entities and SMEs from Romania to be able to know and to attend ESA scientific programs.  In the same time, the main aim of the project is to facilitate the access of ESA information towards research institutions and SMEs from Romania and, … Read more

Cloud computing customer communication center : 5C

Beia started, as of 09/09/2016, the project entitled “Cloud Computing Customer Communications Center“, financed by the European Regional Development Fund Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020. The projects’ objective is to produce a new ready-for-market product: “Center of communication with customers cloud computing.” The product will contribute directly to increasing competitiveness and the market technological level.   … Read more


Project title Communication center – benefits for all Project Funding Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Name of the operational programme Sectoral Operational Programme “Increase of Economic Competitiveness” Priority Axis 2 – Research, Technological Development and Innovation General objective The project objective is to produce a new product for marketing communications center. The … Read more


Hybrid wireless access system with unique addressing (SAWHAU)

Hybrid wireless access system with unique addressing (SAWHAU) Project financed from „PNCDI-2” Contract: 12-126 / 01.10.2008 Contractor: CENTRUL NATIONAL DE MANAGEMENT PROGRAME (CNMP) Coordinator: Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti Duration: 2008 – 2011   ABSTRACT The project aims to design, develop and test a hybrid wireless access solution based on the convergence of IP-based wireless technologies … Read more