A European “shield” against colorectal cancer based on novel, more precise and affordable risk-based screening methods and viable policy pathways Abstract: With Colorectal Cancer (CRC) being accountable for 12.4% of all deaths due to cancer, and with only 14% of EU citizens participating in screening programmes, there is an urgent need for accurate, non-invasive, cost-effective … Read more


Climate-aware Resilience for Sustainable Critical and interdependent Infrastructure Systems enhanced by emerging Digital Technologies   Abstract: ReCharged is a transformative project that has the vision to develop a new integrated framework toward a practical visualisation platform in order to optimise and streamline climate resilience and whole-life carbon emission assessments for interdependent Transport and Energy Systems, Lifelines … Read more


Smart Health Innovation & Future Technologies Hub Abstract: SHIFT-HUB aims to establish a pan-European Smart Health Innovation Hub bringing together a rich network of multidisciplinary stakeholders across the dimensions of the quadruple helix, with the mission to facilitate the development, ensure the promotion and foster the uptake of Smart Health technologies and services. SHIFT-HUB will … Read more


A Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe Cloud and Edge Services Abstract: Cloud computing is identified as a central piece of Europe’s digital future, giving European businesses and public organisations the data processing technology required to support their digital transformation. The European Commission thereby stepped up its efforts to support cloud uptake in Europe as part … Read more


Wallachia eHUB – Digital Innovation Hub    Abstract: Wallachia eHub´s mission is to become the digital transformation gateway in the Region of South-Muntenia, Romania (RSM), by providing twin transition services and solutions to both the private sector (start-ups, SMEs, small mid-caps) and the public sector. We start from a challenging position as our region is classified … Read more


Regenerated Cotton for Electronic Textiles Abstract: The main objective of the RETEX MSCA SE project is to form a world class international and inter-sectoral network of organizations, working on a joint research programme in the field of novel Sustainable Electronic Textile Materials, by replacing conventional textile materials with sustainable, environmentally friendly, and advanced materials such … Read more


Institutionalised cross-sector PLanning and dedicated capacity building to ENable small and medium-sized municipalities to develop and monitor sustainable strategies for the Transition to clean energY The need to tackle climate change and achieve the desired carbon neutrality to keep pace with the 1.5 degrees is more urgent than ever. The climate deal at COP26 calls … Read more


Critical infrastructure High accuracy and Robustness increase Integrated Synchronization Solutions Critical infrastructure, such as telecommunications networks, requires GNSS based time reference to enable their proper functioning over a large area. Especially emerging telecommunications applications such as 5G or Time Division Duplex require a highly accurate and secure timing distribution. Failure of the time distribution service … Read more


AutoDecS (Automated Decision Support for Facility Location Problems) PED 2022-2024 Abstract: The Romanian government has proposed itself an ambitious program about infrastructures: ranging from the development of the highway network throughout the country to the building of new crucial facilities such as schools and hospitals. Successful completion of this program requires solving the difficult problem … Read more


Exploit4InnoMat – An Open Innovation Ecosystem for exploitation of materials for building envelopes towards zero energy buildings Abstract Building sector is responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in the EU. As nZEB becomes the new standard, the role of building materials and smart envelope systems is becoming more and more … Read more