Beia Consult presents news from partners in November

BEIA Consult International – Siemens Approved Partner & Dialogic Regional Distributor announces the news from November, together with his partners OTT Hydromet/ Adcon/ Lufft, Cisco, Siemens Enterprise Communications – Unify/ Atos, Panasonic, 3DS Dassault Systemes/ Exalead, Libelium, Ericsson and LANCOM Systems.



OTT Hydromet is introducing the new OTT ecoN​ with SDI-12 Interface. Nutrient monitoring is becoming more important as time goes on – as human activity increases the natural amount of nitrate in water, plants, and organisms are more and more negatively affected. Therefore we released the OTT ecoN, an affordable UV nitrate sensor designed for optical determination of nitrate (NO3-N) specifically only for use in environmental fresh surface and groundwater applications.


Cisco announced that Toyota is proud to partner with Michigan Moonshot and Cisco to expand free Wi-Fi to Southeast Michigan area schools, libraries and community gathering locations. The initiative will help bridge the digital divide and provide equitable access to internet.


Siemens is expanding its offer for industrial IoT solutions, adding to its Industrial Edge portfolio a central and company-wide scalable infrastructure for managing connected edge devices and apps. With the new Industrial Edge Management system, users can remotely monitor the status of every connected device and remotely install edge apps and software functions on distributed edge devices.


Dassault Systemes jointly with NuoDB, that Dassault Systèmes, which already had a 16% ownership interest, is acquiring the remainder of NuoDB equity. Founded in 2010, NuoDB provides a cloud-native distributed SQL database that capitalizes on the competitive advantages of the cloud, with on demand scalability, continuous availability and transactional consistency, and is built for mission critical applications.


Libelium, specialized in IoT technology, launches the first complete solution for smart tracking projects that includes both GPS battery-powered devices and the data management software platform. With the aim of accelerating the digitalization of companies to improve their competitiveness, Libelium adds this smart tracking technology to its portfolio of solutions.


Panasonic Corporation published a new press release announcing its intentions combined with the energy company Equinor and industrial group Hydro. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a strategic partnership to explore possibilities for establishing a sustainable and cost-competitive European battery business.


Ericsson projects that four out of every ten mobile subscriptions in 2026 will be 5G. This forecast is included in the latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report. Current 5G uptake in subscriptions and population coverage confirms the technology as deploying the fastest of any generation of mobile connectivity.


LANCOM Systems, German network infrastructure supplier announced that European Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) approved the technical and regulatory framework for operating the 6-GHz band with Wi-Fi. The release of around 500 MHz in the lower range of the frequency band now doubles the spectrum available for wireless LAN. This is a historic step on the way to the wireless gigabit society, especially considering that the last time spectrum was added was more than 15 years ago. As early as mid-2021, consumers and businesses in Europe will be able to take advantage of Wi-Fi 6E (Enhanced), the marketing name for the improved standard.



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