Beia Consult presents news from partners in June

BEIA Consult International – Siemens Approved Partner & Dialogic Regional Distributor announces the news from June, together with his partners OTT Hydromet/ Adcon/ Lufft, Siemens Enterprise Communications – Unify/ Atos, Cisco, Panasonic, 3DS Dassault Systemes/ Exalead, Ericsson, LANCOM, and Snom.


BEIA Consult announces the new innovative project SWAM. Named “Smart WAter Management system for better environmental sustainability”, the project will offer an innovative end-to-end solution from Smart Probe to Smart Visualization and by considering ground-breaking aspects: multi-protocol for IoT connectivity, cybersecurity and traceability by design to provide a valuable tool for water management encompassing quality monitoring, safe and security aspects, decision support and cost-efficiency management.

Also, the company participated in a SoMeDi internal meeting where was addressed the current state of the project, the next step in development and many more. SoMeDi aims to unlock the value hidden in the digital content and traces of human (inter) actions through the application of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.


OTT Hydromet adresses the nitrogen and phosphorus pollution of water, that has the potential to become a significant environmental problem. Permanently high nutrient inputs lead to extreme nutrient loads in water bodies – a growing environmental problem that also involves health risks. Continuous monitoring is required in order to detect any changes in water quality at an early stage and to develop targeted remediation and avoidance strategies.


Siemens AG and Rolls-Royce signed an agreement today at the International Paris Air Show in Le Bourget (France) for the sale of Siemens’ eAircraft unit. Through its Vision 2020+ company strategy, Siemens intends to sharpen its portfolio’s focus.


Cisco, global technology leader, is extending intent-based networking to some of the most challenging work environments on Earth; from chemical plants and oil refineries, to mines. In these industries, connectivity and data are business-critical, with production downtime impacting the bottom line and worker safety.


Panasonic Corporation announced that it has signed a joint business development agreement with Linkwiz, Inc. — a startup company specializing in the development and sales of autonomous robotic system software and technical consulting — to develop solutions to enhance welding processes in the manufacturing field.


Dassault Systemes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, world leader in 3D design software and solutions, and SuperMap Software Co. Ltd, a leading geographic information system (GIS) software and services company, announced their intent to jointly engage on platform-driven projects for construction, cities and territories in global markets by combining their respective expertise and creating new guidelines for information exchange in these domains..


Ericsson continues to lead the way with its service-provider-focused 5G platform through the launch of new software and hardware solutions to expand 5G deployment options. The new solutions extend network capacity and coverage, enabling smooth network evolution, and facilitating new consumer and industry use cases.


LANCOM Systems, German network infrastructure supplier, now offers an additional version of its virtual VPN router. The LANCOM vRouter for Microsoft Azure enables companies to use their own VPN tunnel to securely connect their corporate network to their applications in the Microsoft Public Cloud. Unlike hardware-based routers, the vRouter can be flexibly scaled and adapted to changing requirements..


Snom has launched the D717, an innovative entry-level model of the professional D7xx series of desk IP phones. Breaking the mould for devices of this type, the Snom D717 features a colour display and unique Snom ambient light sensor to ensure secure, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective communication between users.


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