ARA AquaREC Conference 2023 – The Role of Circular Economy on the Water Sector in Romania

BEIA is pleased to share our recent participation in the ARA AquaREC Conference held in Bucharest, Romania, addressing “The Role of Circular Economy on the Water Sector in Romania.”

On November 29, 2023, we engaged in insightful discussions about the profound impact of the Circular Economy on Romania’s water sector.

BEIA remains dedicated to disseminating water projects that promote sustainability and innovation. We showcased pioneering initiatives such as SWAM, iPREMAS, ADRIATIC, BLUE-GREENWAY, and uBluetec, all contributing to shaping the future of water management.

Our commitment to a sustainable and water-conscious future is unwavering. Stay tuned for updates, insights, and valuable discussions stemming from this impactful conference!