BEIA announces BTECHWEEK 2018

BEIA announces BTECHWEEK 2018! Join our Cloud Communication and IoT Meetup

Bucharest Technology Week is the largest urban technology festival in the capital. There are 3 days of fine atmosphere in which you can interact with state-of-the-art technologies: robots, drones, electric and hybrid cars, virtual reality, smart home and smart solutions, and more. Join us between May 18th-20th in University Square. Sign up online: here.

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BEIA’s Meetup # BTECHWEEK 2018# Cloud communications and IoT # May 18th (4 pm)

We launch the invitation for BEIA’s Techweek meetup: Cloud communications and IoT. Uncover new solutions to solve old problems, push the envelope like never before and gain a competitive advantage by innovating in ways that capture the loyalty of today’s millennial-minded consumers. Learn, share and connect with other professionals in the customer experience, omnichannel, self-service, contact center, workforce, cloud and IT.

We will present the latest developments in our IoT projects, environmental sensing, air quality monitoring solutions, and interesting cloud services. Registration here.