Beia Consult attended the first edition of “URBAN CLIMATE SUMMER SCHOOL”, held in Bucharest, Romania, between 21-26th of August 2017. The event was organized by Research Institute of University of Bucharest (ICUB)Urban Climate Research Center at Arizona State University (ASU), Urban Water Innovation Network (ASU-CSU), Society for Urban Ecology (SURE)Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Research on Territorial Dynamics (CICADIT).

This summer school first edition reached its goals, mainly:  to provide structured information and skill-building capabilities related to climate change challenges in urban areas.  The critical areas  covered refer to:
(1) modern monitoring of urban environments
(2) modeling tools used in urban meteorology and climatology
(3) adaptation and mitigation strategies and their prioritization
(4) exploring critical linkages among environmental factors and emerging and chronic health threats and health disparities.

Those who attended this event gained an understanding of the state-of-the-art approaches for analyzing and mitigating urban climate phenomena, and also grasped the skills to use the most appropriate tools to address specific problems in their respective fields of interest.

We attached a small gallery of pictures taken during the event, presentations, at this link.