Participation in ECAI 2023

Exciting News! BEIA Consult International proudly attended the International Conference on Electronic Equipments, Communication, and Computer Science (ECAI) on 30th June 2023 in Bucharest, Romania. Here are the highlights of our contributions:

Poster Presentation: “Urban transformation processes and material stock techniques to facilitate circular economy and urban resilience.” Discover how we’re revolutionizing urban sustainability through innovative approaches and circular economy principles.

Cutting-Edge Solution: We presented a Preliminary Architecture & a Pilot Implementation for a Malicious Emails Detection Solution. Our groundbreaking technology aims to protect individuals and organizations from cyber threats, ensuring a safer digital environment.

BEIA Consult International is committed to driving advancements in electronic circuits, communication, artificial intelligence, and more. We’re dedicated to shaping a better future through technology.

Stay tuned for more updates on our groundbreaking research and development endeavors!

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