Cities of Tomorrow #6

Beia is happy to announce Cities of Tomorrow 2018.

Location: JW Marriott Grand Hotel, Bucharest, Romania | Date/Time: 27.02.2018, 09:00-18:00

The Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DR AHK) launched the invitation to attend the sixth edition of the Cities of Tomorrow conference – a top event that brings together the business community with the local and central government, architects, urbanists and civil society Romania.

Cities of Tomorrow 2018 is dedicated to urban regeneration to stimulate sustainable development of cities and regions of Romania and, implicitly, an attractive business environment for companies and their employees. Successful promotion of a city or region implies the efficient collaboration of all stakeholders, being a decisive factor for efficient development.

Beia will gladly join the participants, aiming to bring in attention the developments in its R&D projects.