Beia participated at Fabulous 2017

Beia Consult International was present at the 3rd EAI International Conference on Future Access Enablers of Ubiquitous and Intelligent Infrastructures (FABULOUS 2017). The event brought together prominent researchers from academia and industry, innovators and entrepreneurs in the broad areas of future wireless networks, ambient and assisted living and smart infrastructures in order to interact, exchange ideas, expertise, experience and know-how and discuss the latest results and achievements in the aforementioned topics of interest.

A special emphasis was placed on the analysis of practical use-cases and business opportunities in different parts of the world showcasing the social influence of the ICT. Beia attended the conference and presented the following articles:

  • “Innovative Platform for Resource Allocation in 5G M2M Systems”
  • “LDPC Coding Used in Massive-MIMO Systems”
  • “Estimation algorithm for Large MIMO System”
  • “A Hybrid Testbed for Secure Internet-of-Things”
  • “Architecture of a Wireless Transport Network Emulator for SDN Applications Development”
  • “Social Media Cloud Contact Center using ChatBots”
  • “Pesticide Telemetry using Potentiostat”
  • “Intelligent low-power displaying and alerting infrastructure for secure institutional networks”
  • “5G challenges, requirements and key differentiating characteristics from the perspective of a mobile operator”
  • “Integrated Software Platform for Mobile Malware Analysis”
  • “IoT Perspective by Data Anonymization for Wearable Medical Devices”
  • “Investigation on a Multimedia Forensic Noise Reduction Method Based on Proportionate Adaptive Algorithms”

A short gallery of pictures taken during the presentations is available here.