Call: H2020-INNOSUP-2020-08
Type of action: CSA
Proposal number: 101037866
Proposal acronym: ADMA TranS4MErs
Duration (months): 36
Proposal title: Advanced Manufacturing assistance and training for SME Transformation
The ADMA TranS4MErs will accelerate factories to become Factories of the Future embracing the ecological, digital, and societal challenges. This will be done via a smart combination of an all-connecting community platform in combination with toolboxes, virtual and physical training activities, assistance programs, tailor-made training content in all relevant technology areas and set of applications. All those services, tools, assistance, and service components pick up the SMEs at the right stage to start their own Trans4mation journey. The consortium is equipped with all necessary experience and professionalism and has a wide geographical reach, that we can almost guarantee to deliver the services at their doorstep or on their screen.


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