Kick-Off Meeting for Smart-PdM project – BEIA Consult

BEIA Consult participated in the Kick-Off Meeting for Smart-PdM (A Smart Predictive Maintenance Approach Based on Cyber Physical Systems) project on 2-3 April 2019 in Madrid, Spain.

Smart-PdM’s objective is to acquire manufacturing data to provide diagnosis and prognosis information while rendering the underlying technology financially feasible.

The meeting purpose is to bring together all partner organizations and to talk about project (partner expectations from the project, overall project goals and overview, work packages, technical progress made to date), project management information (organizational structure, reporting, deliverables, financial issues), Constitution of the General Assembly, Constitution of the Executive Board and Constitution of the External Advisory Board.

In the 1st day of meeting all partners talked about WP1-WP6 and in the 2nd day they talked about dates and venues of next meetings, country coordinator meeting and they participated at working group discussions.

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