"Ziua Comunicatiilor" and IoT Day – BEIA Consult International

BEIA Consult participates in “Ziua Comunicatiilor” and IoT Day on 3 April. The event is hosted by Crowne Plaza in Bucharest, Romania. The SAFECARE project was disseminated during the networking session and brokerage.

“Ziua Comunicatiilor” and IoT Day is the most important national TELECOM expo-conference in Romania.  This event is founded and initiated by Mr. Eugen Preotu.

This event brings together important people of public institutions from telecommunications sector, telecom operators and communications solutions providers and top IT&C companies to talk about: 5G (Romania on 5G european map, the impact of 5G on the romanian economy) and IoT.

Concepts such as 5G Technology, Internet of Things and IT as a service fundamentally change the contemporary economy and tech industry.

The Ministry of Communications and the National Regulatory Authority for Communications are working on a national strategy for the implementation of 5G networks in Romania.


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