Transatlantic security bridges over increasing security vision gaps – Romania's Perspective Conference – BEIA Consult

BEIA Consult participates in “Transatlantic security bridges over increasing security vision gaps – Romania’s Perspective” conference on 16 April 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.


1. Emerging security challenges in a challenging world of “Firsts”

The opposing forces of contraction by the shake of the new era of great power competition and expansion as the result of the Globalization 4.0 frame the geopolitics of our world. How the classical concepts of unilateral and multilateral work in the new international framework? How great strategies of “Firsts” give energy to world change? How transatlantic cooperation can survice or even thrive in a competing uni- / multilateral world?

2. National, regional and global in a contested global-governance architecture

Rising nationalism and expanding illiberalism tend to ground unexpected changes of the today global-governance architecture even at the core of the transatlantic framework. Therefore, it is a time when national, regional and global security actors and initiatives that have been promoting the transatlantic partnership for many decades should strengthen and merge their actions in order to protect and enhance our democracy and security. The security and intelligence partnerships across both civilian and military spheres become critical in this respect.

3A. (In)security drivers of change in an increasingly disconnected world

With the ongoing globalization of the international system, the nature of power is profoundly changing. The means of influencing and controlling are more intricate and multidimensional than just material, even the latter being “hard power” means.

3B. Emerging technologies that shape the rising new global system

In the decades to come, emerging technologies will fundamentally change our societies. Sustaining and disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and synthetic biology wll become mainstream and their effect on people’s lives and security it is still difficult to be objectively understood. Data and privacy, work and workforce’s rights, unrest and conflict are just a few major areas in wich emerging technologies will massively impact on. It is time to assess and forecast these impacts on governments and security and to design versatile security architectures, from strategies to resilience, to deal with the challenges of an increasing cyber- and autonomous world.

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