The 2nd Workshop of EUREKA project Hydro3D in Romania

The 2nd Workshop of Hydro3D(Reliable and high Productive (>80% yield) Hydrogen sensor Module based on3D Nano-Structure Technology for High concentrated environment) related toEUREKA Network Projects will be held in BEIA Consult International, Bucharest,Romania on September 15 – 16 (Thu. – Fri.), 2022. The Hydro3D project aims todevelop a hydrogen gas sensor with a micro-heater at a hydrogen-based societythat is fabricated using MEMS technology. The introduction of hydrogen as aconsumer fuel has caused heightened concern over its safety with a correspondingincreased interest in hydrogen sensors and leak detection.

Update 15-09-2022

The 2nd Workshop of Eureka Project “Hydro3D” between Korea and Romania tooks place between 15-16 Sept. 2022 at BEIA Consult International office. Today we had great technical discussions with our Korean partners (National NANOFAB CENTER, MNTEK, SOGANG UNIVERSITY) and our Romanian partner (ICPE-CA) on the developed hydrogen sensors, their design, the methods materials used in their development and their accuracy.